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Modernization ÖBB Railway Stations

St. Pölten Main Railway Station


Safe, clean und barrier-free

Since 2001 ÖBB has been modernizing its busiest railway stations under the umbrella of the ÖBB-Railway Station Initiative. Safety, cleanliness, and accessibility are the principles for renovations.

Railway Station Initiative comes it to the finish line

In the first phase of the Railway Station Initiative, the railway stations Feldkirch, Innsbruck, Graz, Baden, Krems, Linz, Wiener Neustadt, Leoben, Wels and Klagenfurt were entirely renovated within 5 years. Currently, the second phase of the Rail station Initiative is operating at full stretch: Railway Station Vienna Praterstern, Vienna Heiligenstadt, Vienna Hütteldorf and St. Pölten have already been renovated. Railway station Salzburg is currently being modernized. 

The highlight of the railway station initiative is the reconstruction of Vienna West Railway Station, which is Austria’s first RailStationCity, as well as the new construction of Vienna Main Station. RailStationCity Vienna West was opened in November 2011, Vienna Main Station went into partial operation at the end of 2012 and will go into full operation in autumn 2014. Surrounding the new Vienna Main Station, a new modern city district with 5,000 apartments and a multifunctional center, containing offices, commercial and service facilities for about 20,000 new jobs, is arising on 59-hectares of former railway areas.


BahnhofCity Wien West
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Vienna Main Station

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